Suus Agnes is a comics artist, beekeeper, gardener, and science communicator. Her work explores the meeting points of narratives, visual arts and environmental education, with a focus on the human-nature relationship.

She completed a Master’s in Science Communication at the University of Otago, New Zealand, specialising in creative non-fiction writing. Her work has been published in New Zealand and Australian comics anthologies, and has been exhibited at book and zine exhibitions at RAMP Gallery, Hamilton; Auckland Museum, and Dunedin School of Art Gallery, as well as at international zine and comics festivals in Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, and Russia. Her most recent solo exhibition and publication is “Connect: Ecological Comics” (2017), Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Suus Agnes likes to explore the outer boundaries of what constitutes a comic: her work breaks free from the perfect square panels. Her expressive stories are inspired by the uncomfortable and the underdog, like the insects and plants that are often overlooked or despised. Suus is interested in moments where 'nature' seems to take over, and to view the 'unloved' with a willing eye, considering both human and non-human perspectives.

Then there are dreams, odd observations, the beauty of the mundane, and the absurdness of existence.


Beware and watch out for her alter ego
 slayer mouse

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