Suus Agnes is an author-illustrator and comics artist with a background in science communication, literary studies, and beekeeping. Her work takes a particular interest in environmental ethics. She has been published in New Zealand, Australia and on online platforms, and exhibited in galleries and comics festivals locally and internationally, including in Russia, Canada, the UK and the Netherlands. Recent solo exhibitions and publications include “Connect: Ecological Comics” (2017), Saint Petersburg, Russia, and "Parasite: Viewed With a Willing Eye", Dunedin, New Zealand.

As a PhD candidate at the Centre for Sustainability, Otago University, she currently works on visual poems and narratives about 'unloved' biodiversity, exploring how our lives are entangled with microcommunities of invertebrates, moss, and fungi, and challenging the idea of humans at the center of the universe.

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I like to explore the outer boundaries of what constitutes a comic: my work breaks free from the perfect square panels. Medieval miniatures and early 20th century avant garde fire my imagination. The uncomfortable, the wondrous, the underdog. I'm interested in the entanglements of life forms and questions of self, where human lives are only enabled by other creatures and earth processes. 

Then there are dreams, odd observations, the beauty of the mundane, and the absurdness of existence in general.


Beware and watch out for MY alter ego
 slayer mouse

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